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The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

            In "The Power of Habit,"" Charles Duhigg, focuses on three main keys, cue, routine, and reward. The cue is something you hear or see that makes you want to accomplish a goal also satisfying a crave that they seek; it's what will turn on your motivation to seek out a task. There are many things that will trigger (cue) someone to start a habit; it all depends on the person, it could be the rush that you get from drinking a coffee etc. The routine is how someone acts to the cue. Basically it's how someone will react to the sound, sight or whatever it might be on instinct (habit) to pursue a reward that appeals to them. A person will do this because that is what they are used to doing to get that satisfaction they seek, it's unhealthy thus forming habits. People do not know that it is a habit because they think that it's what's right and natural to them. They will perform this habit over and over again when the cue appears. The reward is what drives the habit, the cue and routine both instincts to get to the reward. For example, in a drag race the cue is when the green light appears. The routine will be to let off the clutch and floor the gas pedal. Then the reward will be money, trophy's and pride if you win. .
             I can only change it. The goal is to keep the cue and reward but change the routine. An example would be if someone sees a brand new corvette (cue) that they really like but do not have the money, their routine was working hard to raise money for the car but kept spending on needless items (routine), it will take longer for them to acquire money for that car (reward). If the person however changes their routine and instead of buying items they do not need, they will reach their reward (car) a lot quicker than sticking to their old routine. A person needs to have a cue that makes them crave for the reward; the corvette will be the craving cue in this scenario.
             Finding the right habits from the wrong is very important; someone with bad habits will most highly not be too successful in life pared to a person with good habits.

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