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Ways to Sign and Market an Artist

            If you're an artist, how can you get your music out there in the industry? You have potential to pursue your dream, but don't know how to. You, as an artist enjoy singing and writing your own musical compositions. The problem is you have the talent, but you don't have any connections to record labels or promoters. That's when you start to develop a strong relationship with someone that can further manage your career. Hopefully that someone has a strong passion in your music ability to excel in the music industry. Finding the right manager may result in trial and error. You don't want a manager that doesn't believe in you. First of all, make sure this person knows about the industry; dealing with contracts and being a power of attorney. There are good managers and there are terrible ones, your job is to choose wisely to further your career. So once you find the right music manager you are on your way to receive a record deal.
             What can a manager do for you as an artist? A manager has several responsibilities to maintain an artist career. "The manager is responsible for advising the artist career for as managing the business side of an artist or band's career, so that the band is free to focus on creating the music. A manager for an unsigned band, or a band signed to a small label, may wear many different hats: promoter, agent, accountant, and any role that needs filling for the band. A manager for an artist signed to a larger label may act more as a supervisor of the other people working for the band. They will make sure the label is on their toes, that advertising and promotion is in place, that tours are being booked, and that the band is being paid "(McDonald Heather).
             First as an artist you want to know if the manager can invest in your career. See if the manager is fully qualified to be your manager. You must have a strong communication with each other. Both must be on the same page.

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