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The Myth of Christian Discrimination in the LGBT Rights Movement

             The following content will give analysis of the core reading entitled "The Myth of Christian Discrimination in the LGBT Movement," by Eliel Cruz. My intended audience are professors and fellow classmates. Each member of the audience will range in a variety of ages, from newly graduated high school seniors to older working aged students to esteemed teachers with extensive experience in understanding writing analysis. The overall topic of the core reading itself is that of the Christian's sense of discrimination on their views of homosexuality within modern society. Each member of the intended audience likely has knowledge of the subject; some may even consider themselves holding the same beliefs. Other readers may not have formed an opinion regarding the topic at all. The core reading was written to inform the general public of the double standards Christians have in their opinions related to homosexuals based upon their religious beliefs. This information is important within today's social structure in order to build empathy and tolerance towards other people, even when opinions and beliefs clash and collide. Mr. Cruz writes to inform his audiences thru his faith and his emotions, with his intent to pursue social tolerance towards LGBT. .
             Main Features of Core Reading.
             President and co-founder of the Intercollegiate Adventist Gay-Straight Alliance Coalition, Eliel Cruz utilizes social media to pen articles, blogs, and tweets on the subject of religion and homosexuality. Mr. Cruz was raised within the religious community of Seventh Day Adventist. Like many other religious communities, Seventh Day Adventist struggle with acceptance of the LGBT lifestyle. He is also gay. Due to his religious upbringing, his sexual orientation, and his faith in God, he is able to bring both worlds together in order to provide education and support to others like himself. .
             The Myth of Christian Discrimination in the LGBT Movement begins by Cruz grouping Christians as a whole, himself included.

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