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Criminology and the Effects of Police Brutality

             Being on the front lines as a police officer is often a stressful and dangerous role to play in the society, because one will be dealing with suspects on different levels of criminal offences. In some cases, there may be need to apply force and the policing agencies have strict rules pertaining to how force should be used and in what situations. The excessive and unnecessary use of force by police officers, including unjustified shootings, severe beatings, and rough treatment of citizens are still common in our society today because of the many barriers that make it possible for officers who commit such crimes to escape due punishment and often go back to repeat the offenses. Police brutality remains one of the most serious and schismatic violations of the police forces around the world. Police or public officials often deny any wrong doings whenever new reports of brutality surface, while the administrative and/or criminal systems that should prevent these abuses by holding officers accountable for their actions instead guarantee them impunity. Commentaries documenting the growth and development of police can testify to an unnecessary use of force throughout the ranks of policing. Law enforcement records in the United States for example, dating back to the days of the migration from the Mississippi to the West provide numerous instances of the "shoot first, ask questions later" or "do what ever is necessary" attitude of officers. A trait that is still being carried out by some officers today. Through this essay, I shall be examining Police Brutality and its vices. I shall be looking at the negative effects of Police Brutality and also suggest ways in which we can either subdue it or eradicate it completely.
             Negative Effects of Police Brutality .
             There are many reasons why police brutality is frowned upon by both the community and the police guidelines. Although police departments across the world have attempted to curb the hostility between police officers and the community, through thorough screening of recruits, minority recruitments and so on, police brutality remains, and causes a lot of problems in our society.

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