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The Mind of the Criminally Insane

             This paper will examine the mind of the criminally insane. When examining the criminally insane, many factors must be considered. First, mental health diseases and their symptoms will be examined. The development of these diseases could be genetic, or triggered environmentally, emotionally, or physically. This paper will also examine different cases in which the insanity plea was implied. This paper will give the reader insight on who should be found insane. Finally, the paper will conclude if we should consider the insanity plea.
             Keywords: criminally insane, mental health diseases, triggers, case study.
             Should the Insanity Plea Be Considered?.
             Mental illness has played a major part in the criminal system. It is a mysterious field of forensics, because no one knows what the criminal is thinking. That's why forensics calls upon psychology. Forensic Psychology is a field that deals with both the law and psychology. Typical functions performed within forensic psychology include the following: Competency evaluations, sentencing recommendations, evaluations of the risk of the reoffending, testimony as an expert witness, child custody evaluations, etc. Forensic psychologists must evaluate the offender from his childhood as well, in order to understand his/her background. Even yet, some offenders use the insanity plea to escape the harsh punishments that are soon to come. Should the mentally ill be treated, or cast away with every other criminal? Should the insanity plea even be considered? In the most extreme cases, yes, but not for someone who has an insane moment. .
             Criminal Insanity in Court.
             In criminal trials, the insanity defense is where the defendant claims he/she is not responsible for their actions due to mental health problems. The insanity defense is based on evaluations by forensic psychologists with the appropriate test according to the jurisdiction. Their testimony guides the jury, but they are not allowed to testify to the accused's criminal responsibility.

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