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Folklore and Literature

            How can culture be revealed in myths? Folk literature & folklore show a way of culture by sharing their stories. Culture shown through folk literature is about people of a culture & their beliefs & customs. Folk literature is  both simultaneously revealing & limiting about an inuit culture.
             In "The Legend of the Sea Goddess" many examples of Inuit cultures are revealed in the Legend.To begin,the first example of culture is marrying. In the text it says "Even when her parents insisted it was time for Sedna to marry she refused to follow the tradition and obey them.This is an example of culture because the  parents are in control of their marriages. Next, another example of culture is transportation. The text states "Sedna & her father got in the kayak and set off for home." This shows  culture because, they use different transportation.The third and final example of culture is god of the sea. The text states ,"Sedna sank to the bottom of the ocean and there came a powerful spirit." This revels culture because, believed in Sedna because  Sedna made all the creatures. All in all ,marrying, transportation, and god of the sea are examples of  reveled culture noted in the text "The Legend of Sedna the Sea Goddess." .
                In the "Legend of the Sea Goddess"  many examples of Inuit culture are limited in the legend. To begin, the first example of culture is marrying . According to according to the article, one household would have a married couple, there Unmarried children & their married sons & daughters & their families. This demonstrates how culture was limiting in the legend because the reader was unable to learn that the parents were in control of their marriages. Next, another example of culture is transportation. Again, the article states, kayaks are used for hunting and traveling. This shows how culture was limited in the legend because the myth did not give real life examples.

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