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Contemporary Musical Genres - Structure, Styles and Techniques

             With detailed reference to a number of examples, discuss the extent to which .
             contemporary musical genres exploit, adapt and extend musical structures, styles and .
             techniques of the past.
             Contemporary music is any music that is written in the present day. It is any genre of present day music. In historical and musicological terms, contemporary music can refer to the modern forms of art music where the artist uses emotion and expressions in making music with sometime employing the use of alternative style and various kinds of musical and percussion instruments. It is used interchangeably with popular music defined the current market in the music business. .
             Music comes in many different types of structures; forms and style where by many genres have a rich history, geographical significance or roots that go far beyond the 20th century. Although in this era music is hard to define in terms of musical style because it has undergone various changes for example the twelve-tone music in composition techniques. .
             Main Body.
             Classical music, by definition, is music that is inherently more challenging, with elements that cannot be seized without careful attention. The rhythm might be very delicate and the form very long. There might be multiple complex harmonies and melodies happening at the same time. Most Westerners (European-American or related cultures) who speak of "classical music " refers to music of one specific tradition that began in Europe at the end of the middle ages. It developed and spread in the following centuries together with the European cultures across the world. Many composers, performers and devotees have belonged to European-influenced cultures on other continents. .
             American popular music (which also borrowed most of its "musical vocabulary " from the European tradition), "classical " music continues to be adopted, explored, and adapted in many cultures from the past and some of its most-recognized names among the composers are Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

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