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Graffiti - The Art or Vandalism Perspective

            In order to understand whether graffiti is an art or vandalism, it is necessary to understand the meaning of art, graffiti, and vandalism in art. The definition of art is ambiguous as it can be defined in different ways while conforming to one meaning. In sanctity, art means the application or expression of imagination and creativity that can be seen in the form of painting or figure. The produced work reveals emotional power and accepted for their beauty. Graffiti is a form of colour, shapes or words scratched or drawn on the surface of a building, desks, overpasses, moving objects, among others. Graffiti is not permitted and is regarded as illegal because it is done without permission. In most country's law, graffiti is illegal as it is believed to signal crimes, street delinquency, and careless living. An art becomes vandalism if its intention is to damage property both public and private. Debate has arisen on whether graffiti is an art or vandalism. This paper intends to review various argument raised by different scholars regarding whether graffiti is an art or vandalism. .
             In 2014, Torres published an article investigating whether graffiti is an art or vandalism. The author carried a survey of 57 people who were asked whether they regard graffiti as an art or vandalism. 50 participants referred to it as an art since it has been there from many generations. After interviewing Cicero, who is a graffiti writer stamp, he said that graffiti represents a form of rebellion against the state since most of them are printed on public places. Many people terms graffiti as criminal while others view it as a method of passing positive message (Torres, 2014). When the author interviewed the senior Eddie Lopez of Chicago, he said that graffiti has to do nothing with criminal activities, but should be viewed in terms of the message that is being passed. In Chicago, many youths are engaged and are busy with graffiti since they believe it is an art.

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