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Levels of Analysis and Media Influenced Aggression

             The 'levels of analysis' is a three part framework used in psychology to study and examine behaviour, relating to factors at biological, psychological, and environmental or social levels. It is used to integrate the different perspectives of human behaviour, while demonstrating a more accurate and satisfactory understanding of human behaviour. The analysis of the three levels of behaviour allows us to study behaviour that is influenced biologically in terms of the brain, hormones and genetic factors. It also explores the psychological perspective of human behaviour, such as how personality traits, memory and planning can influence one's behaviour, as well as environmental influence, by studying how the physical and social environment shapes behaviour. Through the use of the 'levels of analysis' framework, this literature report will analyse the effects of media violence on aggression, to help us to understand the specific factors that may influence aggressive behaviour. .
             Overview of Findings on the Effects of Media Violence on Aggression.
             Violence in the media has a significant influence on aggressive behaviour. With violence in the media being culturally accepted, it has a "desensitising" effect, as violence is becoming increasingly socially accepted and considered to be 'normal'. The level of interaction with the media, such as passive or active participation also influences aggressive behaviour. For example, passive interaction, such as watching an action movie, allows a person to simply observe the violent behaviour, whereas active participation involves one to 'become' a violent person, such as in a violent video game. According to Anderson (2004) there are many short term and long term effects of media violence on aggressive behaviour, depending on the amount of exposure to media violence. He argues that short term exposure "increases aggression in the immediate situation" (pp.

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