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Critical Political Thinking - Russia and the Ukrainian Crisis

            Personal opinion is the heart of the democratic set up. Personal opinion shapes the public opinion and the public opinion in turn influences the political outlook of the country. The opinion should be critically and politically sound. This is a political model in which the political events shape the public opinion in a critical manner. The Ukrainian crisis didn't start in the last couple of years. It was a former USSR member and after the disintegration of the Union, it became independent from parent Russia. The successive governments in Ukraine remained heavily influenced from its eastern super power. The presence of ethnic Russians and die hard pro-Russian supporters in the Crimean Peninsula and Eastern part of Ukraine including the major industrial city of Donetsk had always contributed towards the inclination of successive governments towards mainland Russia. But the western part of Ukraine including the capital Kiev had seen growing resentment towards the pro-Russian policies and the ability of Russia to influence the country's foreign affairs and deals with the European Union. The EU had been inclined towards granting a fast track membership program for the Ukraine to break the grip of Russia on this belt of Eastern European nations. Ukraine was an obvious choice as it was an important player in the Eastern Europe politics. .
             In recent years, the Ukrainian parliament was inclined towards exploring further economic with other nations than Russia, but this all changed in November 2013 as the then Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovich abandoned a trade agreement with the EU despite popular support in favor of it (Fisher, 2014). Due to this U-turn, the public took to streets in the capital of Kiev and violent clashes, erupted on Early December. This uprising attracted media attention from around the globe, and the embattled Yanukovich administration was left running for cover in its own capital (Al Jazeera, 2013-14).

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