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Dreams of a Firehouse Dog

            Just as my head touches the pillow I hear the piercing scream of the fire station alarm. I jump out of bed and sprint to the fire truck, meeting up with the rest of the firemen. I motion for Boomer the fire dog to join us on the tanker as we pull out of the station. As the tanker drives down the empty Brooklyn Street a blazing apartment complex lights the night sky. We pull up to the burning building, and see the frightened panicking survivors. The smoke smell overpowers the area. Boomer takes the lead as we all rush in to check the building for trapped occupants. The sounds of Boomers bark alerts us that he has found survivors. Sparks fly as we make our way up the spiral stairway towards the sound of Boomers bark. We hear the panic screams as we reach the top of the stairway, and see three young children huddle up with boomer. Quickly as possible we grab the children, and escape out the window. .
             The building gets the all clear, and we focus our attention on putting blazing flames out. Slowly the flames calm and with the effort of all firemen we are able to get the fire out. After six long tedious hours we are able to pack up, and head back to the fire station. As we pull out onto the Brooklyn Street I see blue lights, and hear the sound of police sirens in the distance. Boomer panics so we restrain him so he can not jump off the fire truck. When we reach the fire station we all head straight up stairs, and go straight to bed to get a little shut eye before the next call comes in. Boomer on the other hand had a different plan for his evening. .
             As the firehouse dog it is my job to protect and serve. As the firemen all go to bed for the evening, I make my way back out onto the Brooklyn streets. I head to the police station to meet up with my partner shadow the police dog. Shadow informs me of a drug deal that is expected to happen at the loading dock at sunrise. We take the back alleys to the dock so we are not seen.

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