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Bismarck's Domestic Policy: 1871-1890

            ´╗┐Bismarck's Domestic Policy 1871-1890.
             Along with getting an IB Paper 3 question about Biz's foreign policy, you might also (instead?) encounter a question about the domestic policy that Biz pursued as Chancellor of the German Empire from 1871-1890. So let's deal with that now. OK?.
             It is likely that you'll get a question about Biz's aims and accomplishments. In other words, what did he want to achieve in German domestic policy, and, given what he wanted, did he succeed or fail?.
             Of course, these notes are also useful in addressing the question of the rise of Hitler. For what we are arguing here is that Biz has a very important impact on the history of democracy in Germany. Specifically, these notes should help us understand why potential opponents of Hitler-during Germany's post-WW1 Weimar period-failed to prevent the Nazi dictatorship. .
             In our attempt to understand Biz's domestic policy aims and accomplishments 1871-1890, we should consider how it was that Biz came to be in a position to determine domestic policy in Germany in the first place. The first key to understanding Biz's domestic policy is determining how he came to power in Prussia in 1862.
             According to the Prussian constitution, the parliament had neither the power to initiate legislation (unlike Canada's parliament which does have this power), nor reject legislation brought forth by the king or his ministers (the executive). Furthermore, the parliament had no power to vote to approve annual taxes; they were laid down permanently in the constitution. (Pretty powerless parliament, eh alliteration face?) However, the parliament could veto the funds the government wished to allocate to the various ministries. Withholding money was the only weapon the parliament had. In 1860, the Prussian minister of war wished for more money in order to increase the size of the Prussian army.

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