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The History Boys by Alan Dakin

            Throughout Alan Bennett's play, "The History Boys," the character of Dakin is portrayed, through both his actions and dialogue, as an oversexed, outspoken teenager. The audience are able to interpret his personality as both bold and concupiscent. As the play progresses, Dakin's manipulative side is unveiled as he is the reason behind Hector being reinstated at the school by blackmailing the Headmaster about his actions regarding Fiona. He can be viewed as comical for audience members and other characters by his outspoken personality and the other boys being engrossed in his sex life.
             Throughout the play, it's made clear that Dakin is the leader of the boys. Stage descriptions describe him as ˜a handsome boy'. He is both Hector and Irwin's favourite student. His good looks and knowledge on sex makes him superior to the other boys. He makes it apparent that he is Hector's favourite, when focusing on Hector jokingly hitting them over the head with a book, by happily saying "I'm black and blue. "(Act 1, page 70). This highlights Dakin's arrogance and vanity which some audience members would find comic.
             Dakin is the most confident and outspoken of all the boys. He utilizes his intellect by being high handed with Hector. "You should treat us with more respect. We're scholarship candidates now. "(Act 1, page 6). This shows the audience that he has an overinflated opinion of himself. He uses persuasive language to establish psychological power over the boys and tries to influence Hector's teaching methods. Bennett uses farce comedy and wit to portray Dakin as rude and crass. For example, Dakin, whilst in conversation with Irwin surprises the audience by improperly asking Irwin "if there were any circumstances in which there was any chance of you sucking me off? "(Act 2, page 99). This shocking outburst is intended by the writer to cause some of the audience to feel uncomfortable and to take the view that Dakin is crude.

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