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All Quiet

             I agree very strongly with John Donne's quote, "No man is an island,.
             entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main." .
             This point has been reinforced with every story that we have read. Upon.
             reading about Authurian times, we found that the chivalrous knights were.
             constantly calling upon each other for help. Sir Gawain sacrificed himself.
             many times in order to help another human being (the slaying of the Green.
             Knight or marrying the "loathly lady," for example). Paul Baumer relied.
             entirely on the support of his many comrades. The soldiers provided.
             physical, and more importantly, spiritual support for each other during the.
             horrible times that they were enduring. Even the almighty Beowulf couldn"t.
             defeat the powerful dragon without the help of his nephew, Wiglaf. No man.
             can be an island, because everybody relies on another person, another piece.
             of the continent, to be able to survive.
             Essay # 5.
             While reading All Quiet on the Western Front, many passages from the.
             poems we read popped into my mind. The Gerard Duval scene from All.
             Quiet immediately brought back memories from The Man He Killed. Both.
             scenes are told from a first person point-of-view and express identical.
             feelings brought about by killing a man in hand-to-hand combat and realizing.
             that the deceased was an average human much like themselves. I was.
             reminded of the attitude in All Quiet when reading Wirers" because each.
             talked about death and war so nonchalantly. Wirers" mentions a man named.
             Hughes who got hit and will likely die in the same tone that is used in All.
             Quiet when the men are discussing the numerous amounts of casualties while.
             playing cards in a field. Also, The Sonnet-Ballad has a peculiar line which.
             reads, "Would have to be untrue. Would have to court coquettish death." .
             This line can relate to each of the soldiers in All Quiet because each had to.
             "cheat" on their old, peaceful lives and get caught up in the affair of war and.

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