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The Life and Music of Robert Allen Zimmerman (Bob Dylan)

            Music is the art of sound to communicate feelings, thoughts and ideas that affect the thinking and reasoning of an individual. Also, it is a tool that has been used throughout history to express thoughts and draw out the emotions, messages and feelings of human beings. In the 1960s, the changes which were taking place included changes in lifestyles, values, education, laws and entertainment. The 1960s were regarded as the time of revolution, for both the new generation and around the world. Dylan and his music were a very important part of this. His music said what he wanted to express and people began to see his music as what they were also feeling and thinking. Bob Dylan was a tremendous influence on this new generation. Bob Dylan was born with the name Robert Allen Zimmerman, but in an interview he had early in his career as a musician when a reporter asked his name, he said it was Bob Dylan. He chose this name in part because he admired the poet Dylan Thomas who was a very strong inspiration in his writings. As a result of Dylan Thomas influence, Bob Dylan used his music to transmit his beliefs and emotions to his audiences. Through his music, Bob Dylan helped change the minds of the younger society and helped them become aware of the changes needed in the political arenas and cultural movements. .
             First of all, Dylans songs were influential in the political arenas because he was able to bring attention to the problems associated with wars, racism and discrimination, and unscrupulous politicians. Politics at that time in history caused many hardships and people were ready to forge a new and better society. As Robock Alan explains in his article, Tonight As I Stand Inside the Rain, Bob Dylan and Weather Imagery," the influence Dylans songs brought about a change in the way people saw these things. As an example, Blowin In The Wind, is the answer to nine questions, such as how many times must the cannonballs fly before theyre forever banned (Robock 484).

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