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Film - Dystopia in Children of Men

            Othello, written around 1603, is one of William Shakespeares most well regarded plays. The play, set in the city state of Venice and the island of Cyprus, recounts the demise of a respected Venetian general Othello, after falling victim to the treachery of his ensign Iago, while also being affected by his own flaws. The notions of acceptance and love, demonstrated in Othellos speech at the beginning of the play; personal gains, shown primarily through the antagonist Iago; and illusion and reality are outlined through the text, and these notions effectively display the fragile nature of human connectivity as shown by the central characters of Othello. .
             Although he was a General by status, Othello was not fully trusted by the Venetian society due to his difference in race, causing him the need to prove his love for Desdemona and prove that he had not forced her into marriage with witchcraft. Othello does not back away from the accusations Brabantio puts upon him, but rather, begins calmly with Most potent, grave and reverend seigniors, my very noble and approved good masters , heightening the significance of the Duke and the senators, allowing them to feel at ease and listen to him with an open mind. He continues speaking in his own defence of how Desdemona fell for him through his stories of his childhood, through the use of the repetition of the word of in I spake of most disastrous chances, of moving accidents of hair-breadth scapes of being taken by the insolent foe, glorifying himself as a brave and worthy suitor for her. Furthermore, Othellos direct statement of still questioned me the story of my life, contrasts Brabantios reports of Othellos supposed use of witchcraft, as Othello claims that Brabantio too was awed by the stories. This statement is strategically said to demote the power of Brabantio and weaken his claims, allowing the Duke to side with Othello, as evident when the Duke exclaims I think this tale would win my daughter too, emphasising his admiration towards and trust in Othellos speech.

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