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Biotechnology - Extending Our Life Expectancy

            Biotechnology is used every day to change life, as we know it. In fact, people do not realize that early humans used biotechnology 10,000 years ago. Early humans were producing beer, wine, bread, and yogurt by means of fermentation. Biotechnology is any technique that uses organisms or their products to make a new product, to improve the life of humans or to develop microorganisms for specific scientific uses (Cooley, 2014). As early as 1500 BC humans were storing plants with certain traits such as disease resistance in order to selectively breed certain plants with certain traits to better their lives (Kruck-Langland, 1999). A huge breakthrough in biotechnology was the creation of penicillin in 1942 (Cooley 2014). This was a huge breakthrough and it save a lot of lives from disease during World War II. According to Cooley (2014) in 1980 biotechnology was used to rid the world of smallpox. Much disease such as breast cancer has been discovered through biotechnology such as breast cancer and Parkinson's disease (Cooley, 2014). They found these diseases to be gene related. In 1997 a sheep was cloned from a single adult cell through biotechnology (Cooley, 2014). Biotechnology has been a very important part in many ways to human life, but most people do not realize that Biotechnology may extend human life and create a better world of organisms. Biotechnology affects agriculture, the energy used to power factories, medicine, and Genomics. .
             Biotechnology plays a huge role in agriculture. Biotechnology in agriculture is called green biotechnology (Gargesi, 2013). According to Gargesi (2013) green biotechnology uses modern technology to explore plants like organisms. Green biotechnology provides better food, building materials, renewable energy and raw materials. The resources that biotechnology can provide are very important because plants are renewable resources. Humans will regrow the plants to use in any process they need to use the plant in.

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