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Tsuklakhang: A Peaceful Place

            Dalai Lama Temple, also known as Tsuklakhang in native Tibetan language, which means ˜the residence of the three sublime jewels' is located in McLeod Ganj, a little town at the foothills of Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh in Northern India. McLeod Ganj is also known as little Lhasa because of the continuous flow of refugees from Tibet after the Chinese occupation of Tibet. Because of the peaceful environment, beautiful surroundings and the sacred texts and sculptures, Tsuklakhang of McLeod Ganj is uniquely suited to provide tourists, locals, and pilgrims from all over the world with opportunity to generate positive energies within oneself, meditate, and accumulate merits. .
             First, the peaceful environment of Tsuklakhang may help to create a meditational space and generate one's positive energy. With the melody of singing bowl, smell of incense, perfect moderate climate condition and the spiritually filled monks and nuns develop an environment so positive. While looking for ways to manage stress, people often look for a peaceful place to relieve one's stress out. This is the perfect place. Singing bowl is another of those wonderful stress relievers that offers passive stress relief, and help one's positive energy circulate inside his body. Tune of singing bowl at the background of Tsuklakhang contribute to make a peaceful environment " it helps to focus while meditating. Aromatherapy, smell of incense in this case provide a wonderful, soothing scent. Aromatherapy research shows that there are real stress relief benefits to its use. Aromatherapy can help to create a peaceful environment that subtly offers passive stress relief. Plus, with the moderate climate condition creates a comfortable environment. Extreme weather could affect one's flow of energy, therefore McLeod's weather condition provide a suitable temperature that makes a space to develop positive energy which also helps to gain one's composure to meditate.

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