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The Detrimental Effects of Rising Tuition Costs

            Imagine a world in which college tuition was nonexistent, and the only prerequisite to entering college was getting good grades. With this stipulation, people who wish to attain a higher education will have a better chance to do so. They can solely base the college that they wish to attend by considering the social, academic, and extracurricular aspects of the college. However, in the United States, the hard work put into trying to attend your dream school may not matter due to the high costs of college tuition. Now, students who wish to go to a particular school may not have the chance to do so because college tuition is becoming an increasing concern for many families. The cost of higher education has had a tremendous impact on students and their families all throughout the United States, and our government and the rest of society must find ways to lower tuition costs.
             Many high school graduates cannot afford to attend the college of their dreams due to the lack of financial aid along with less state funding of college operations. In addition, many families do not have the necessary finances to help their children attend a particular university. .
             As a result, most students will have some amount of debt upon graduation from a college or university. It is important that students realize that "today two thirds of college graduates complete their degree in part through taking on debt; the medium education debt of graduating seniors has risen to $15,123 by 2008 " (Dwyer, Hodson, McCloud 2). Our country has been transformed from a nation of savers to a nation of borrowers. In addition, according to a report by Delta Cost Project, college tuition has increased much faster than that of inflation in recent years. For example, "Tuition for a public four-year institution in 1970 was $358 per semester. If tuition had grown in pace with inflation, the average tuition at public colleges would have been $2,052.

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