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Gravity – So Much More than Science Fiction

            Imagine that the poster for the movie 'Gravity' is right in front of you and I can guess that this will be your first reaction "It's probably just another sci-fi movie with dazzling state of the art technology, gruesome aliens and extra-terrestrial beings and thrills and suspense." You couldn't be more wrong. The movie Gravity, directed by Alfonso Cuaron, is an impressive survival story of astronauts Dr. Ryan Stone(Sandra Bullock) and Matt Kowalski(George Clooney) after the mid-orbit destruction of their space shuttle which leaves them stranded on the space. Through the help of these characters, the movie mainly focuses on the two opposite human behaviours; people who are scared of their lives and people who are not and the mechanism while transitioning from one to the other.
             As soon as the film starts, the big round Earth is shown within the complete vastness of the space in total silence. The space shuttle is shown to progress very slowly towards the screen. As it approaches near, we see Dr. Stone and Matt talking about the magnificence of the space as they try to fix a panel on the Hubble Telescope. When they receive a message about the large amount of debris on their way to the space shuttle, they are told to abort their mission. Hearing this, immediate panic starts among them. While they prepare to take appropriate measures, the debris is shown to rush forward towards them, hitting most parts of the spaceship and eventually causing both the astronauts to split apart from each other. During the entire scene, sound has played a crucial role here. The absence of any noise creates the perfect setting to give the experience of emptiness and lifelessness in space in an effective manner. Furthermore, the slow progression of the space shuttle and the slow zooming of the camera gives an enhanced feel to the vast space. As Dr. Stone gets farther away from the space ship, the silence takes over again.

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