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Plato - To Escape or Not to Escape

            In "Crito"," we might've fantasized that the dialogue would argue against obeying the laws. However, given Plato's view on Athenian democracy he finds justification to support the laws regardless of the will of the people. In this paper I will assess Plato's arguments for why Socrates should remain in prison and accept his death sentence. My main focus will be on Socrates primary argument, which is solely based on the premise that doing unjust actions harm's one's soul, and life is not living with a ruined soul. From that statement, I however, believe Socrates should escape Prison for he has not done anything to physically harm the people of Athens.
             The dialogue commence with Crito, Socrates old friend, whom goes to visit Socrates in his prison cell where he awaits for execution. Crito originally made arrangements to sneak Socrates out of prison and safely to exile. However, Socrates was quite at ease awaiting for his execution and so then Crito begins to present as many arguments as he can to convince Socrates to escape. He gives as his reason if Socrates refuses to escape and is put to death, he will lose a true friend who can never be replaced and many people will accuse him of failure to do what he could in order to save the life of a friend. Crito presents additional reasons to Socrates by saying that remaining in prison and refusing to escape, he is playing into the hands of his enemies and giving aid to the ones who are disregarding the demands of justice. He is also betraying the members of his own family, especially the children, who are entitled to the nurture, guidance, and education that he could provide by staying alive and doing what is within his power for their fortune. (Plato: Cerrito 54).
             In regards to Critos reasoning, Socrates does not agree with him and sets forth his reasons for holding that one is bound to enact to the punishment imposed on him, even though the punishment may be a very unjust one.

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