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Dorothea Lange - Creative Photographer

            How can someone inspire you to do something you never thought you would be able to do? For me inspiration is something that gives you that extra push, something that lights your fire, or that can motivate you to succeed. It's amazing how something or someone that can influence you to create something beautiful. For example a marvelous piece of art, a wonderful tune, or even a lovely dance routine. These are all creative ways that can represent what you want to say or what you are feeling. Art, art is a way to express feeling or represent something without words, but with material, color, and creativity. How is it possible for one photograph to capture all the emotion or have the power to freeze time as it's happening? A simple click at the right time with the right lighting can say a million words, it can capture such a memorable time or place. It is something that can be treasured for decades. That is exactly what Dorothea Lange was able to create with just a click of a button. Her photographs are so inspirational, they documented a lot of harsh times. Her photographs are what inspired me to create my inspiration project.
             Dorothea Lange, was an influential American photographer. Dorothea was able to capture the results and emotions of the Great Depression and migrant workers. "Migrant mother " is what really caught my attention about her work. Her photographs are emotional. They really represent the poverty this family was going through during the Great Depression. Life was miserable during that time. The photographs really do show us how miserable it was to live during that time. Being a mother myself really saddens my heart to view these photographs. To see all the poverty people went through. I really value what I have now. It must have been hard knowing my children were hungry and yet there wasn't much I could do. But even then they didn't give up and looked for a brighter future. Dorothea Lange, was able to capture these stories with just a photograph and it really amazes me.

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