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A Modern Day Preference - Hooking Up

            At this day in age, hooking up has become a more so popular trend rather than being in a relationship for multiple reasons. I consider "hooking up" as the act of two people engaging in casual intercourse without the regular formalities one would go about if they were dating. This is especially popular among college students. Although this is considered a simple doing, it can have many repercussions on people later on in their lives. Though it is not my preference, many consider hooking up a better choice than dating because it requires less effort. Hooking up is chosen over relationships because of reasons dealing with commitment, money, and freedom. .
             Commitment itself is a huge responsibility, regardless of age. Being in a relationship is comparable to being a best friend, except having a mutual physical attraction to the other person. Many people are either scared of commitment, or are not good at it, which is why many choose not to be in one. As an alternative, hooking up allows men and women to fulfill their sexual desires without the responsibility of having to be there as moral support for a person on an emotional level. Although this seems like an easy task, it may affect the outcome of one's future. For instance, if a man or a woman does one day decide to try to settle down with someone they are interested in, their past practice of emotional detachment may hinder how the relationship grows. A lot of times it is good for some people not to be in a relationship, because it may prevent them from giving another a broken heart. Commitment is not meant for everyone, especially those of a young age.
             For many men, another reason to choose hooking up over a relationship is because of the money aspect. Hooking up with women does not require spending money because there is no need to know the other on a personal level. Being in a relationship not only requires time, but also the timeless tradition of "wining and dining" a lady.

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