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The Wilderness Act of 1964

             Johnson, 36th president of the United States signed the Wilderness Act. After attending the 50th and 30th Wilderness Event here in Laramie, Wyoming, I learned quite a few things about the Wilderness Act and its importance on our people, land, and future generations. This event celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act signed in 1964, as well as celebrating the anniversary of the Wyoming Wilderness Act of 1984. I came into the event thinking I already knew enough about wilderness, and what's coming of it in the U.S. today, but came out knowing so much more. An inspiring definition given during the celebration from a book called, "Wilderness" by Kim Barnes, spoke out to me. In her book she says, what is wilderness? Then it describes, "Wilderness something in the mountain air that feeds and inspires." This simple but honest sentence speaks out to me because it makes me reminisce on moments I've spent out on the mountain hiking or biking myself realizing that that is exactly how I feel when I am out in the wilderness. During the event I was able to listen to history, information, and personal opinions from different speakers about the Act. Speakers like, Dan Smitherman, Ralph Swain, Margie Horton, and retired U.S. Senate Al Simpson, gave great opinions and information on the Wilderness Act that stuck out to me. .
             First, I was fascinated to learn about how so many people in America have very little care for wilderness in our world. Wyoming is known for one of the most wilderness given states in the U.S., and for the most part, the people who live in Wyoming are very appreciative of the wilderness we have and would love to show other states how important it actually is. A speaker at the event, Joel, says, "too much of something can ruin it." Which I completely agree with, too many people can destroy the beauty of our world. He also explains that when he was younger, before he was involved with politics, he worked a job in the open land.

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