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The Death Penalty - Capital Punishment

             In every debatable topic, there are always two sides of the discussion that people can argue. Whether they debate for the favorable side or for the side that less people agree with. Capital punishment has been a sore subject in America for the past 100 years and some people just believe that it is cruel and unusual punishment for prisoners and which many conclude that no crime should be punished by the ultimate life lesson which is death. What gives the right to take one another's life? Just about everyone has their own opinion on whether if it is right or not and maybe that America has to low of a tolerance for murder. .
             According to The Death Penalty Information Center, 35 states have legalized capital punishment. Texas leads the United States with 507 capital punishment sentences followed by Virginia with 110 sentences. Doctor Bruce E. Ellerin states that "Accepting capital punishment in principle means accepting it in practice, whether by the hand of a physician or anyone else. If one finds the practice too brutal, one must either reject it in principle or seek to mitigate its brutality " (Bruce E. Ellerin). Some parts of society that are for the death penalty realize that it sends out the sign that it's the ultimate warning. Capital punishment may actually determine ones decision to commit a murder because they come to the conclusion that they would get the death penalty. No statistics have actually shown how many lives capital punishment has saved because some people where on the fence about murdering someone but simply chose not to because of the law on capital punishment. That is a good reason why it still exists today because it keeps the nation from going into complete chaos and keeps people from just going out and murdering others. .
             What lesson would be taught from capital punishment if you just waste the human life that committed the crime? This has been an argument in the justice courts for many years and still has yet to be answered.

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