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The Bonds of Father and Son

            The bonds between father and son have many repercussive effects throughout their shared lives. Khaled Hosseini portrays and contrasts the many different forms of parent child relationships in the novel The Kite Runner. He narrates the many struggles that occur through the evolution of parent child relationships. The characters are faced with ever-changing relationships which are the result of the questionable decisions they make throughout their lives. Babas tenuous relationship with Amir causes his guilt to rule his decisions. Hassan's role with Sohrab contrasting with Amir and Baba. Finally the complex relationship with Hassan's son Sohrab and Amir. The Kite Runner focuses on the emotional bond between father and son to illustrate the importance and impact an empathetic fatherly figure can have on a child's life. .
             The strained relationship between Amir, the protagonist and his father, Baba as well as the events in between calls by this relationship demonstrates the necessity of having an empathetic fatherly figure in a child's life throughout owners young life he was desperately trying to acquire his father's love, but Baba is not really there for him because he does not understand why his son does not resemble and Bubba is very emotionally distant throughout the beginning of the novel with Amir because of his misconception of any real connection with Amir. He explains "I hadn't seen the doctor pull him out of my wife; I never believe he's my son" [Hosseini, 25]. Other than lineage, Bob shows very little emotional attachment towards honour. Since the beginning Baba doesn't put much towards establishing that bond of father and son should have. Amir lacked the common interest that his father had which separated them. The tenuous relationship affected Amir very deeply and he struggles to glue this relationship together.[talk more about consequences]. This inevitably leads to Amir's cowardice act of not intervening in Hassan's Rape.

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