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Synthesis of Sources on Anarchy in Action

            Anarchism poses an ideal form of society in which popular rule reigns supreme. However, due to systematic flaws and external pressures, the philosophy has fallen short in practice. While examples of anarchism in action have existed, these failures raise questions on the validity of the organization of the system and what characteristics are needed for the success of an existing anarchist society. Experts argue that the political practice of anarchism promotes human welfare by inducing popular control of society through an emphasis on the values of liberty, solidarity and egalitarianism in the structure of society itself. For example, French Anarcho-communist author Daniel Guerin outlines the manner in which anarchism would organize the workplace by the form of worker self-management known as syndicalism. Similarly, American Anarcho-communist author Eddie Conlon stresses the potential of decentralized universal healthcare as shown in revolutionary Spain based upon mutual concern without the hand of privatization and organized based through a system of communal federations from the bottom up. Extending upon anarchical structures into existing forms, Australian political scientist Morgan Rodgers Gibson points out that the structures of anarchy may also be seen in existing actors protesting authority such as the Occupy Movement. With these three examples, it easy to see what principles civilization must be organized in anarchism.
             The structures of anarchist societies must be formed to incorporate anarchism's principles, or else fail. Anarchism may be defined as a political philosophy based upon nonhierarchical free associations, decentralized and without coercive authority with guidance from innate human tendencies towards cooperation and avoidance of suffering being aloud open expression. The value of liberty must be reflected throughout all social, economic and political structures of successful anarchist civilizations, structures such as in the workplace.

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