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Experiment - Heating Baking Soda

            The results of the heating baking soda experiment were similar within the class. No results appeared within the first few minutes of heating the baking soda, but as the experiment progressed, droplets of liquid formed mostly on the upper half of the test tube, which formed condensation. Soon after this condensation appeared, bubbles starting coming out of the GCA inside of the GCB. As the stream of bubbles started to be more constant, the water level began to lower as the gas was pushing it out of the GCB. Different apparatus were quicker in the forming of gas as some the GCBs were full with gas while others were still mostly filled with water. One possibility of a flaw that may have occurred in the final results was not allowing the GCB to completely fill with gas. It was cut short due to the experiment taking more time than expected. After the tea was added to the heated and non-heated baking soda, there was a more drastic change in the results. It was clear that the heated baking soda/tea mixture was much darker than the non-heated one. Another flaw that may have occurred is if air formed in the GCB before the heating process began.
             The groups results were similar to those of the other groups in the class. In the heating of the test tube, the GCB took a long time to fill up with gas and by the end of the period, three quarters of it was still full with water. When filling the test tubes with tea, the first one was overfilled so it was necessary to overfill the other one to make them the same. This was one mistake that was made during the experiment that could have slightly altered the results. Also the amount of tea in each test tube was not exact and this could have led to the shade of tea being different due to the difference in quantity. Having too much in the test tubes made the tea slightly darker in the first place than the other groups tea because there was more of it in relation to how much baking soda there was.

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