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The Puritan Age in American literature

             Discuss the characteristics of Puritan Age in your own words, along with interesting literary examples.
             PURITAN AGE.
             Background: .
             The 15th and 16th century witnessed the rise of a group of protestant in England called "Puritans". They opposed the arts, culture, singing, dancing, drama, and any other form of entertainment and pleasure. The followers of Puritan Age were against the English Reformation and advocated the sophisticated form of purity in religion, Church, Dogmas, worship, Doctrines and piety. Thus, it is right to say that Puritan Age was religiously austere and stern movement which tried to purify everything from institutes to man. .
             When the people of Puritan cult moved to the America which was the British Colony at that time, imparted their views, life style, beliefs, dogmas and doctrines of Puritanism to the natives. They became the supporters of the idea that God is the one absolute law and reinforced the value and necessity of physical and spiritual purity. They were of the opinion that one had to do good deeds in the community and the Church to get place in the heaven. They rejected the worldliness, made worship their most important purpose of life and adopted the simplest way of living. Although some of the beliefs of American Puritans were austere, but they completely transformed the life by practically adopting the customs of their Holy Book. .
             Characteristics of Puritan Age: .
             The literary pieces of work produce in the Puritan Age have some specific characteristics which are not very broad in range. Here we discussed some of the literary characteristics of American Puritanism:.
             1: Depiction of Histories: .
             Puritan age produced lot of writers who depicted the historical events. In this way, the historical writings got pivotal place in the age. One of the prominent writers was William Bradford who wrote on historical events. He basically belonged to England but shifted to Britain Colonies later on.

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