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Gattaca and Biological Theories

            The movie Gattaca is all about judging a person from birth based on their genetic code, and not factoring in environmental influences. A baby born without an elite genetic code was already predetermined to never amount to anything. From day one a naturally born child was told it would only be smart enough to be a janitor or some other type of menial job. The possibility for the child to amount to anything else was dwindled down to no chance. Whereas in reality, someone with a genetic intelligence superior to others whom could easily amount to become a doctor or scientist or philosopher may go through a terrible childhood, drop out of school, and not have a proper education to amount to much. These factors are strictly the nature of the human race and coincide with the mystery of the human race and how it works.
             Biological traits relate directly back to genetics, which is the backbone of all living things. Biology is the study of all living things. The movie portrays how a Genetically elite world would coexist with ones whom are not genetically elite and how the genetically elite would hold all the power in society. If one was not elite they had no natural chance to amount to much of anything. Because of natural birth their future was predetermined and given no chance at success. For this reason the film Gattaca directly relates to the biological theories of crime. Many Biological theories play on the fact that a criminal is born a criminal or that a person is born with a certain trait that gives that person a higher chance to become a criminal. Much like the way a natural born child in Gattaca is predetermined to be inferior. .
             Atavism is a biological theory that suggest that predispositions that relate to human behavior, including, criminality, are constitutionally or physiologically influenced or inherited. For example if a child is born whose father and grandfather were criminals it could be said that this child was born with traits that would make this child as criminal when it gets older no matter what its upbringing is.

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