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Keeping To Kill a Mockingbird in the Classroom

            It is always a controversy in public schools, should a particular book be taught? Some may argue for or against based on the book's content, language, and morals. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is a debatable book on the required reading list for the tenth grade curriculum. Scout, or Jean Louise Finch, tells the story of Maycomb County in a way which is easy for the reader to understand and connect to. Although the book is yet another learning curve in the tenth grade's curriculum, many believe tenth graders are not yet mature enough to understand the messages To Kill a Mockingbird is voicing. While the argument against the book's language and actions are valid, the truth is that tenth grade students are more than capable of handling the material. In today's society, students are more developed in their maturity levels and what they see, learn, and hear in their everyday lives. Crime is inevitable, profane language is unavoidable, and student history courses for tenth grade year run parallel, making To Kill a Mockingbird a perfect choice to be taught during the year of tenth grade. .
             The question one may ask about To Kill a Mockingbird is challenging its morals and values, such as the lessons taught by Atticus Finch and the racism that is clearly evident throughout the story. While Scout is an ambitious and sometimes violent young lady, her intentions are good. She demonstrates pride in her family when fighting on the playground in .
             her school so that she may protect her father's name and prevent him from being known as the gentleman who defends a black man. The morals and values taught in this book open up doors and set examples for the reader. During the high school years, a student becomes more independent and starts to create personal opinions of others. They start to believe in things such as different religions and independently choosing their own belief systems.

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