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Al Gore's Moment of Truth

            Is global warming real? Are people ignoring the warning signs because it's easier than facing the problem? Are the dangers real? Is it too late to recover and save the planet? In Al Gore's article "Moment of Truth" (May 2006) published in Vanity Fair: The Green Issue proves that it is real. He proves that history has a tendency to repeat itself. He proves that these dangers aren't affecting faraway places, but our country, our homes, and ourselves. He also states that there is still time for change, that it's not too late and that everyone can help save the planet. Global warming is no hoax, all the warning signs are here, and Gore goes into detail of why it the problem exist, why no effort has been made to solve it, and why this global disastrous can also bring great opportunities. An analysis of his essay will detail the author's project, two claims and evidence, and one context element that connects to the larger conversation. .
             Gore's project is to focus on translating the dangers of global warming to the general public, through the use of his methods and activities. His purpose is to educate the general public about the dangers of global warming, and the opportunities that arises with it. His ultimate goal is to get a moral response from the public, stating that it's their moral responsibility as people of this earth to help save it. Gore uses the different methods, to get his points across, such as italicizing important information, and writing in an informal manner, where everyone can understand the issue. He uses italicization on certain words to emphasize his points, such as "planetary emergency" (11) and "danger" (12), but others word like "perceiving" (11) and "Either" (11) seem like that they would be emphasized in a speech rather than an essay. Through words like these, it represents Gore's years of experience as a public speaker, while also pointing out the ideas that would hit the audience's values, emotion and values.

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