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The Movement of the Harlem Renaissance

            The Harlem Renaissance was a movement originating in Harlem New York in the 1920s. Many African- American poets such as Langston Hughes found their place in this movement. Sidney Bremer's Home in Harlem, New York: Lessons from the Harlem Renaissance Writers, Jon Michael Spencer's The Black Church and the Harlem Renaissance, and Cheryl A. Wall's Paris and Harlem: Two Cultures Capitals are articles that discuss the emotions and impulses that motivated the black community of this time. John Green also teaches a short lesson about this artistic movement in his YouTube video, "Langston Hughes & the Harlem Renaissance: Crash Course Literature 215." Professor Ewing an English professor from Ozark Technical Community College, as well, lectures about the Harlem Renaissance with grate details and examples. .
             Sidney Bremer, a professor of Urban and Public Affairs at the University of Wisconsin, mainly discusses the image of home life that American authors portray compared to the reality in which the modern person lives. She states that "home" has been portrayed by American culture as being "in the mythic permanency of a rural cottage" that is managed by a "purely white, motherly wife" (42). She argues that this is not a realistic image that fits our modern lifestyle. She says that "If are to feel at home in our changing urban world, we need images of home that are more fitting to our experiences" (47). Bremer also explains the importance of including community in the image of the household. Because of the diversity in cities, "home" is no longer always managed by white society alone. In her article, she explains the similarities and differences between the Jewish and the blacks of the Lower East Side and Harlem. .
             In the article, The Black Church and the Harlem Renaissance, Jon Michael Spencer explains the unhappiness and disagreement of black people towards the Christian church.

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