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The Secret Behind the College Admissions Process

            Is been proven that colleges are not fastidious on who gets admitted to their campus. Although, students are still petrified to apply for college, because they feel like they do not have the right factors to get accepted. Where most of the time, colleges not only "seek for 'high quality students'"; students who have excellent grades and high test scores(Moyer 3). Moreover, there is a recondite conception of having the ability to get through the college admissions that can "affect admission"(Guttentag). In order to conquer the onerous process of getting admitted to any college, the applicant must have the right components to be conspicuous than the other applicants.
             To point out, if a student is a prodigy towards an activity that he or she has a passion for is beneficial. In order to become a prodigy, that certain individual must recognize his or her strengths and weaknesses. This student needs to acknowledge that if his or her actions are sterling, indeed, this student should devote his or her time towards the activity that he or she is involved with. Some examples are- a national wrestler champion, a state debater runner- up champion, or even an olympic qualifier. Above all, these are original talents, whereas, a team sport state qualifier, the individual will not be consider a prodigy. A prodigy is consider where he or she was born with a special talent. .
             Is important to realize that if the activity that the special talented student is involved with, he or she will not just have a chance to achieve a prosperity towards it, but also this involvement will be beneficial for his or her education. This is due to the fact that colleges have an adoration for students whom has special talents in order for their campus to be diverse. Also, this might sound unreasonable, but people should consider the fact that colleges "want you as much as or more than you want them"(Israel 46).

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