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A Study on Stereotypes

             "Stereotypes which are seldom correct and true to what they are supposed to represent are otherwise known as negative stereotypes" This is the definition of negative stereotyping. These types of stereotypes give us negative feelings about other groups, races, regions, cultures and even Genders, Let's see what the aspects of negative stereotypes are. People generally stereotype out of a bias against a particular group of people or religion, this is the biggest negative stereotype in the world, for example (all Muslims are terrorist, all Christians hate Muslims), These kind of negative stereotypes divides mankind and humanity, and it brings us to religious wars like as a 1st and 2nd crusade. Similar to religious the racial stereotyping, it costs many lives and properties in the world, in 1941 - 1945 Nazis, Holocaust 11 million Jews including 1 million children as a result of racial stereotyping. Gender stereotype also has negative aspects such as (All Women are not smart and intelligent as men) these kind of assumptions imply negativity about women. Based on this assumption someone can say women don't need education because they are not intelligent enough to be educated, negative stereotypes also exist about cultures, countries as a whole, an example (all Africans are barbarians, all Indians are live cheep) according to this assumption we can consider every African as a barbarian then we bully and neglect him. As a result of that we create real barbarian, he will hate us all and act like as a barbarian with no humanity, then we categorize him as a threat to society and hunt him down; but you see a real threat to society and the world is our wrong and negative stereotyping, It gives us nothing but only tears and dead bodies. .
             Positive aspects of stereotyping.
             "The positive stereotypes generally depict the admirable, favorable, or advantageous factors of the members, group or cultural class" This will be the definition of positive stereotyping, every stereotype type has both negative and positive sides like one coin has two sides.

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