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The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

             The fall of Rome had many aspects that affected it. In this article you'll find out the reasons why it fell and what made it. The Roman empire had many problems that were not fixed and they became bigger and bigger until it crush the whole empire. Below it will talk about how this great empire took a drastic fall and crumbled to the ground. It had a good run for a little, but then fell because lack of inefficiency.
             Adopting Christianity as a religion was one of the leading factors that affected rome. A quote that supports this is ' '. And the least remains of military spirit were burned in the cluster.''(Document 5) to explain this more the roman empire stopped expanding after they adopted Christianity .Due to the benevolence of the christian god the roman citizens decided to give up Rome's traditional warlike habits because of the god they kind became soft and they were weak. They showed their weakness and they got attacked and destroyed wick made a huge impact on their standings. Another quote to support this idea was ' ' when the empire ceased to expand, however economic progress soon ceased.'' (Document 3)citizens were unwilling to expand. Because of the adoption of Christianity. They wanted to expand for money, but they had none to do so because they used it all on the army. as a result of dcontive expansion romans experienced an economic recession. Which was horrible and was a reason that it fell.
             The economic factor that they were trying to expand its prosperity but was unsuccessful. To support this i found a quote that helps to understand ' 'when the empire ceased to expand, however economic progress soon ceased.''(Document 3) I used this again to prove that it was a major problem and that it destroyed the economy. The empire stopped expanding which stopped and slowed down everything. ' 'The abundance of slaves led to the growth of the welfare because slaves took peoples jobs.

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