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The Basics of a Career in Computer Engineering

            As a computer engineer you need to be able to analyze information to determine software and hardware needs, design or update software using scientific analysis, and mathematical equations. Working conditions are very bearable because work is always indoors but you do have to sit for land periods of time. Hours are up to 40 hours per week but I would have to work weekends to meet deadlines or solve a problem for a client. The reason I chose this career is because technology is increasing every day, and there is more of a demand for computer engineers.
             To be a computer engineer you must have a high school diploma and at least have a bachelors degree. The time needed to get up to that starts with an internship which is usually part of a four-year degree program. some necessary skills that are needed are able to express ideas clearly when speaking or writing. Identify problems and review information positively persuade others to approach things differently and get the job done and not be distracted while doing so. "since the computer engineering field is quite broad, the required technical skills listed in the job postings you come across will vary, depending on whether the job is more hardware or software focused, and which industry the employer belongs to" (About). Being a computer engineer you need certain skills and most of them are required to do the job right. .
             In South Carolina starting out pay an hour is very reasonable and great for a start up pay but as you have more experience and you move up in the company. Pay will increase will increase. To do the job correctly some tools are required to get the job done, like the circuit tester which tests the memory, electronic measuring probe that tells information about the system, network analyzer that tells how good the communication signal is, and a signal generator which makes the signal stronger and can also duplicate signals. " Must make sure that all details are performed and are completed accurately , errors could cause computer systems to malfunction" (SCOIS ).

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