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The Early Colonies and Independence from Great Britain

            In 1763, all British subject celebrated their victory over the French in the Great War. Sadly, this celebration did not last long, as Britains national debt started to increase by more than seventy-five percent. Parliament started to demand more taxes from subjects at home, but expected the colonists in North America to bear more of the taxes, because British troops were supplied on the frontier for the colonists protection. Parliament passed the Sugar Act of 1764, and the Stamp Act the following year. These acts caused the colonists to revolt and reacted with fury, while some just stayed silence. The Sugar and Stamp Acts marked Parliaments very first attempt to tax the colonists for trade and other regulations that happened solely within the colonies. Colonists did not oppose to the fact that they had to pay partially for their defense, however, the fact the Parliament placed these acts directly on them, angered the colonists. Many believed that they had not been represented in Parliament and argued that they should not be taxed without their consent. Others, believed that the colonies were virtually represented. So which eighteenth century writers truly wanted potential independence from Great Britain; which wanted to remain under Britain rule?.
             The Sugar Act placed a tax on sugar, molasses, and other products shipped to the colonies. James Otis Jr., a Harvard-educated lawyer, argued that Parliament had no right to tax the colonies. Every British Subject born on the continent of America, or in any other of the British dominions, is by the law of God and nature, by the common law, and by the act of parliament, (exclusive of all charters from the crown) entitled to all natural, essential, inherent and inseparable rights of our fellow subjects in Great-Britain. Otis believed that all British subjects are equal and are entitled to all essential civil rights under the supreme power of God.

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