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Andrew Carnegie - American Philanthropist

            Andrew Carnegie is classified as a hero because of his charitable acts, his business plans, and his inspiring story had led others to believe they could amount to greatness .He helped others and believed anybody who had large sums of money should be giving to the needy and. Andrew also used his business plans and strategies to put America on top in the industrial era. And his story helped other people dream. These are some of the reasons why Andrew Carnegie has heroic qualities. Andrew Carnegie had certain business practices that helped America become an industrial power. According to document 5 vertical integration was a good business plan that helped bring America in front in the industrial revolution. This shows that vertical integration on the steel mills which allows him to get steel when he wants it. My second example is document 4. According to the chart it shows he paid less for steel which made productions a lot faster which made more steel than any country which also put America on top. This shows one of his business strategies, this practice lowers the cost of making steel which helps him buy the steel for as low as 30 dollars. Finally on document 6 it shows America succeeding when Carnegie was in the steel building therefore making America very successful during the industrial revolution.
             Another reason why Carnegie was a hero was that he influenced others to work hard and own other industries. According to document one where it shows Carnegies change in wealth and how he used that wealth to achieve greatness. This in turn helped the people believe they could reach the same place he was. In the background essay Andrew was only twelve years old and went to work almost immediately. This shows how hard he had to work at young age to support his family, this hard work inspired others to mimic his actions. And finally in document 2 it states The contrast between of the millionaire is something to be embraced this document is saying that not to neglect change but to embrace it.

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