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Media Project - Pantene Television Commercial

            For this media project, I chose to analyze a TV commercial from Thailand. The brand of the product is Pantene Shampoo. The overall content of the commercial is a girl, who is deaf-mute, had her dream in being a great violinist. However, she had to suffer lots of difficulties with her dream due to her situation. Courageously, she overcame all the hardness and achieved her dream. This TV commercial has a great technique and concept for the usage of visual imagery. Firstly is about the color. The main colors used in the commercial were in memory-style color. The colors look dark, old, and mysterious themselves. In my opinion, I absolutely agree with this color decision because of the content of the story. The main actress in the commercial was a poor and disable girl; she was discriminated by her classmates; her situation was tough. These colors help the audience to have better believing and feelings towards the story. If the producer chose bright colors, I think the outcome would not be as effective as their real color decision. Secondly, the opposition of the scenes have positive impacts on commercial content delivery. There is a scene of a girl who had to practice on the street with poor facility, had to borrow the violin from the street violin, and a scene of a wealthy girl, who even had a private trainer, practicing piano in good conditions. The gap obviously shown between these two images not only bring better understanding for the commercial but also reflect the real gap between social classes in realistic. Thirdly, I would say that the arts performances in this commercial help bring better impact to audience's emotion. An image of a small girl passionately enjoyed the music from a street violinist, an image of that girl growing up followed her dream, despite her disability to practice playing music, an image of another girl playing piano competitively, and an image of that disable girl overcame all her difficulties and performed emotionally in front of a huge audience, all the actions related to music performing in this commercial made the audience more attentively focus and enjoy it.

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