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How to Play the Saxophone

            In order to play the Alto Saxophone, you need to go to a music store around you, and ask them for Alto Saxophone V12 3 inch reeds. After the Employee hands you the reeds, you will then need to ask for a neck strap. A neck strap is used to carry/hold the Saxophone, the Alto Saxophone weighs about 5.7 pounds; and therefore it can get very heavy and uncomfortable after awhile of playing. Once you get the neck strap you want to take the Alto Saxophone out of the case, make sure not to grab it from the bell the big circle looking thing where the sound comes out. Once you pick up the Alto Saxophone, you want to figure out where to your hands. You will grab the top of Saxophone with your left hand. On the Saxophone there will be 3 pearls where the left hand goes, we will call the top pearl number 0, then go down all the way to 4. Once you have the saxophone in your hand, you want to put your pointer finger on Pearl number 1, the one directly under the top Pearl, your middle finger is going to go on Pearl number 2, directly under the Pearl number 1, your ring finger will go on pearl number 3, directly under Pearl number 2. Now, you're probably thinking where does my pinky and thumb go? Your pinky finger will go below Pearl number 3, on the first flat key on the upper left side of the saxophone, this is known as the G-Sharp key. Your thumb will go on the other side of the saxophone on a black key; it looks like a push pad. Your thumb will rest on there allowing it to hit the key above it when needed. Now that you got the left hand on the saxophone, now its time for the Right hand. On the bottom of the saxophone you will see 3 pearl keys on it. Your Pointer finger will go on the top one (pearl number 1), The middle finger will go on the one directly below your pointer, (pearl number 2), your ring finger will go directly under the middle finger (pearl number 3). Your pinky will go on the side of the saxophone closest to the ring finer.

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