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Zimbabwe - Colonizing and Imperialism

            In 1888 an imperialist named Cecil Rhodes controlled the area of Rhodesia, which today is called Zimbabwe. Rhodesia in 1923, then became a self-governing British nation. The imperialism rule of both Rhodes and the British was detrimental to the nation of Zimbabwe social, politically, and economical. There was both positive and negatives effects, but in the end the negatives prevail over the positives. The British brought modernization to Zimbabwe, but their rule drove people out of their land, took away their rights and made them work in factories.1 They exploited the land and its natural resources affecting the economy dramatically.
             In the colonizing of Zimbabwe the British modernized Zimbabwe by bring technology to this undeveloped nation. They brought essentials to a civilization such as sewage systems, railroads, and mail delivery systems to Africa.2 This transformed the nation through sanitation, ┬átravel, and communication. 3It helped communication between countries and since they also improved travel, goods were transported faster these both made trade efficient. These improvements made trade efficient and thus improved the economy. These advancements also improved the countries global status as centers in trade. Another way this technology help was with education and medical advancements. During this time, both natives and Europeans were dying from diseases such as malaria and yellow fever.4 These medical advancements helped save many lives. The education advancements help provided doctors with the skills needed to take of these people.
             Zimbabwe had many benefits that were appealing to the British. The British imperialism affected the Zimbabwean's economy negatively. They had abundance of natural resources such as tin coal diamonds and gold. 5These natural resources are something that attracted Cecil Rhodes. Since the Zimbabwe had so many natural resources the British thought mining would bring amplitude of profits.

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