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Symphonie Fantastique

            Symphonie Fantastique, is a symphony composed by Hector Berlioz in 1830. The author was inspired by the Shakespearean actress Henriette Constance Smithson, whom he loved madly, to compose this work. It is a beautiful and clear example of program music. It contains five movements that have changes in mood, rhythm, instrumentation and dynamics that will all be described and related to the plot thoroughly. .
             In the first movement, Reveries, Passions, the idée fixe is altered by its loud dynamics. The mood for this movement is energetic, vibrant and it is characterized by its liveliness and high-spiritedness. The accompaniment is mainly done with instruments such as violins I and violins II. By listening carefully, one is able to hear that these violins are accompanying with eight notes. Additionally, the changing rhythm with its rising melody portrays the author's idea of his beloved coming again and again to his head. At the same time, he remember the joys and depressions of the past, before she came into his life.
             A ball, which is the second and my favorite movement, evokes the music of a dance. Therefore, this movement results having a very dance like rhythm. In Berlioz's orchestration, the harp stands out the most and creates a cheerful harmony for this section. In a form of a waltz, in triple meter, a double bass and the cello do the accompaniment. Both these instruments only play one note per measure when the idée fixe is played by a clarinet and flute I. With all the spins of this dance, the author is able to catch a glimpse of his beloved again. In addition, the mood in this movement changes to a more calmer and harmonious mood. .
             In the third movement, Scene in the fields, two shepherd sing a melody with their English horn and oboe to call their cows. This results in the idée fixe sounding mellow and nostalgic in terms of mood. The accompaniment is made by all of the instruments in the strings section.

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