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Napoleon (Death and Bonaparte picture)

            This picture is called "Death and Bonaparte" and was produced by Thomas Rowlandson. It is almost certain that this print was intended to celebrate the allied victory over Napoleon Bonaparte, which occurred at the Battle of Leipzig between October 16th and18th, during 1813. The varied flags commemorate the victory of arms by numerous realms in showing the eagles of Russia, Prussia, and Austria and the Swedish cross. Each of those different nations could combine forces in defeating Napoleon. In the photo, it is depicted the circumstances in which "Death" is now gazing into the tired face of the enemy.
             The different expressions in this photo show sadness. There are frowns on both Napoleon and his skeleton. Also, when you are looking at Napoleon and the skeleton's body language, they both seem to be worrying about something or quite possibly they are both scared. Napoleon's clothing is that of a large hat, big boots and a type of blue robe around him. It is of the attire in which a military leader would likely wear. In the background, the other armies are shown fighting. Theses troops are of Russia, Prussia, and Austria, along with the Swedish cross. Also, there are many bodies of Napoleon's army slain in the environment. The different flags in the background show triumph in which they beat Napoleon's soldiers.
             Most likely, this picture is show when Napoleon was defeated at the Battle of Leipzig in October. He is staring "Death" in the face after he is overpowered. It is not likely that Napoleon himself commissioned the painting. Thomas Rowlandson took the previous events that occurred and depicted them out into a picture. Napoleon was likely viewed as a ruler that only made changes that helped himself out and not the citizens. This was somewhat of the reason why people started to get fed up with Napoleon's reign.

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