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Why Do White Guys Hate My Hijab? by Zainab Khan

            In the era of a burgeoning feminist movement in America that coincides with a growing anti-Islam culture in the country, one can understand why there is so much hatred and disrespect towards Muslim women, in particular, and their hijabs. Dean Obeidallah reported in his article for the Daily Beast, "13 Years After 9/11, Anti-Muslim Bigotry is Worse Than Ever, " that in a poll conducted by ABC that surveyed Americans' view of Islam, only 27 percent of Americans had a favorable view of Islam today. This is compared to a 47 percent favorability in October 2001 immediately following 9/11 (Obeidallah). These numbers help me better understand Zainab Khan's article, "Why Do White Guys Hate My Hijab? " In the article, Khan tells of her experience as a Muslim woman who proudly wears her hijab and the difficulty Muslim women face when they choose to wear one. Bottom line, we have no right to fight against a Muslim woman's right, by faith and personal choice, to wear a hijab and not be subjected to being sexualized by men in America.
             Regardless of what anyone who is not of Muslim faith feels, we live in the "free world " and freedom of religion is everyone's constitutional right. I do not believe any other cultural identifiers have been challenged as much as the hijab. Because the hijab is something few American understand, the attitudes toward them are shaped by what the media portrays. In the article, "Muslim Feminists Reclaim the Hijab to Fight the Patriarchy, " Sadar states, "From burqa-bans to atrocities women in some Islamic countries, the veil [hijab] is frequently framed as a piece of cloth imposed on an individual by her religion. " So, when we think of a country so keen on fighting for the liberation of a people, it is easiest to dilute any and everything that differentiates the people of that culture from our own to something that people should be free from. What needs to be realized is that relieving the oppression means giving someone the right to choose whether (or not) they want to wear the hijab.

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