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The Basics of Bipolar Disorder

            "A vivid Imagination is awesome a Manic Imagination is a curse." (Stanley Victor Paskavich) There aren't any official medical tests to diagnose an individual with bipolar disorder. A psychologist or psychiatrist gave most people who have been tagged with bipolar disorder an interview. The analysis will include questions about your family's medical history and your current symptoms. Bipolar disorder is a very intense and difficult mental disorder to live with. Bipolar disorder can be caused by 3 contributing factors including genetics, biology, and environment. There are many types of bipolar disorder that make it difficult to diagnose one within an interview. Several visits or even hospitalization may be required to pin point a specific type of bipolar.
             Bipolar I, Bipolar II, Cyclothymia, mixed episodes, and rapid-cycling are the general five types of bipolar disorder. Bipolar I, also known as a classic case of bipolar in which individuals experience both depressive and manic episodes fully with vary in different lengths. Bipolar II has less severe manic episodes but the depressive side is similar to Bipolar I. Cyclothymia a mild term of bipolar disorder that lasts for at least 2 years involving episodes of hypomania and depression. Some patients feel depressed or hopeless but are still energetic and usually engage in risky behaviors and activities. When someone goes through four or more episodes of mania or depression in a single year they are considered to be a rapid-cycler. .
             Bipolar mania can be shown in different ways but usually refer to the sufferings mood or actions. Moods to consider could be irritability, anger, and sexual promiscuity. Actions that can relate to bipolar disorder include aggressiveness, drug abuse, over excitability, rapid speech, decreased sleep and appetite, lack of concentration, and in severe cases hallucinations and delusions. People suffering from bipolar disorder can be extremely prone to suicide.

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