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Technology and a New Wave in Counseling

            Counseling clients through computerized technology has been the newest form of therapy within the last ten years or so. Some therapists are using email, texting through cell phones, Skype and other social media to conduct therapy sessions. Even though counselors and their clients can see each other online, it is not the same as interacting in person. While emails and texting tend to hide emotions, people can use emoticons to help the recipient construe the meaning of the text, or it can be misleading. Although some people may benefit from this type of therapy, most therapists and clients still agree that face-to-face interactions are more effective. .
             In early history, counseling was usually a talk with either a family member, or an elder within the community. They would listen to problems that were discussed by the ailing person. Later as religion became more prominent, priests would take on the role as a counselor and give privacy to those who requested, but at the same time, the priests were able to create a relationship helping to instill religious values that would keep people coming back. As enlightenment and modernity evolved, people were becoming less involved with their families and religion, yet needed that comforting feel of counseling. This is the time when science was entering the creation of psychotherapy, looking to improve "matters of the mind " ("A Brief History "). As psychotherapy became more accepted as a science, Sigmund Freud had the largest impact on the idea of talk therapy. He genuinely wanted to listen and understand what was going on before treatment through talking ("A Brief History "). Through time, different approaches came to life as psychology developed, because psychologists were always looking for ways to improve precedent ideas of treatment.
             As society has grown into being fast-paced, hard working with pressing finances, and little time for families; feelings of anxiety and depression have plagued the minds of many people.

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