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United States Counter-Terrorism Strategies

             After 9/11, the Bush Administration was faced with the need to create a much broader strategy to address the potential international threat of terrorism. The act of war, as it was perceived was the not taken lightly, and was answered with a vengeance. New policies were put into place, and a new understanding of the threat of terrorism and that the United States was a powerful target required immediate attention. The Bush Administration decided to invade Iraq was made not only from the position of a foreign policy decision-maker, but also as a security practice for the United States. Preplanning to prevent future attacks mandate that the United States needed to go to war with Iraq.
             The attack mandated changes in counter-terrorism policies were made in order to prevent a repeat of what had happened and the innocent lives lost on September 2001. Studying the documentations that were put into place and learning the events that took place from 2001-2009 and the rationale that led to America going to war with both Iraq and Afghanistan will provide the ground work to study the methodology and purpose behind this war. It will also serve as a means to determine if the purpose was met, or if the war was in unsuccessful.
             1.2 Research Question.
             This study will validate research and aim to answer various important questions. The central research question is: To What Extent has United States Counter-Terrorism Strategy Been Effective in Response to 9/11 from 2001 to 2008 under President Bush Administration? The other questions that this study will attempt to answer the following:.
             How has global war on terrorism been conceptualized in U.S documents? .
             What has been done so far to assess it? .
             Who has written on it in specific relation to whether it a good thing / is it a bad thing, has U.S. achieved their aims, what aims etc.?.
             The war on terrorism requires the military to take actions against terror and terrorist this includes Al-Qaeda, Afghanistan, and Saddam Hussein.

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