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Concepts of Guilt in The Picture of Dorian Gray

            The Picture of Dorian Gray was written in the Victorian age time period where drugs, crime, prostitution, and homosexuality were all illegal, although it was very common in that current society. This influenced the establishment of the character Dorian Gray, a man who falls into crime and other immoral behaviors. The character Lord Henry Wotton also influenced Dorian Gray because it wasnt until Dorian had come across Lord Henry that he had begun to do act and think in that wrong way. Throughout the novel, Dorian Grays ways become less and less charming things and no matter how long it was or how many times he got a cut, he always stayed young and flawless. Dorian Gray held a secret that was deeper than any person would ever anticipate. .
             Basil Hallward, an artist and friend to Lord Henry, becomes obsessed with Dorian Gray and wants to paint a portrait of Dorian. Lord Henry and Basil both express to Dorian that they admire his attractiveness and youthfulness. Dorian wishes that he could continue to be young forever all while the man in the portrait grew older and uglier. As Lord Henry and Dorian spent more and more time together, Dorian saw the ways of the mischievous Lord Henry, Dorian also became mischievous and did things that were not particularly allowed in those firm Victorian times. Dorian soon realizes that as he does more and more immoral things, his portrait Basil had painted of him was becoming more and more ragged and ugly. When Dorian shows Basil the portrait he had created and sees the true man that Dorian had changed to, Basil and Dorian began to fight. That quarrel ended with Dorian killing Basil and covering it up to protect himself. Finally, Dorian realizes the viciousness of this man he sees in the portrait and he tries to destroy it by stabbing it in the heart. His servants, Victor and Mrs. Leaf, having heard numerous worrisome noises, go in to check on their master, Dorian.

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