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Anarchism, Socialism and Fascism

            Ideologies cannot thrive without the aid of the individual. Without them, there would be no ideology in the first place. Political parties would not be needed, regulated government would not exist, and historical/political occurrences such as the creation and destruction of the Berlin Wall or the Holocaust could not have taken place. And so when assessing anarchism, fascism, and socialism, one must take into account the role the individual plays. Anarchism thrives on the individual's capability to be free consciously and physically: Free of religion, free of property, and free of the State. On the other hand, socialism and fascism seek collective action and cooperation with all individuals within a society. Fascism cannot work without cooperation between all individuals and all these individuals must have the same idea and objective to allow the State to progress. The individual must fight and be willing to die to preserve the State. Socialism seeks to benefit the Working Class on an economic level by instilling a regulated government that denounces unfair capitalistic gains. It seeks production for the means of human need over sale and profit. Without individuals taking on collective action, the goals and objectives of socialism and fascism would not progress. Meanwhile, anarchism seeks to enlighten the individual so that they may truly achieve freedom without government restriction. .
             Andrew Heywood is a world renowned author of best selling political ideology textbooks and has years of experience as a principal examiner of political ideologies ("Andrew Heywood "). Heywood states the socialism was closely linked to the development of the industrial workers. Some of the features of industrialism were of workers who suffered through poverty, long work hours with no pay or benefits, and degradation of human life. The laissez faire policies of the early nineteenth centuries gave capitalist owners the freedom to determine how long work days would be and how much they would pay their workers.

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